We sale your machines

We sale your machines


NMI also offers you the opportunity to sell your machines. 


To do this, you have 2 options


- NMI takes your machines and sells them on your behalf. 

The machines are placed in our workshop within the sight of our customers, who visit regularly, and included on our website, or 


- The machines remain on your site and NMI acts as your sales agent. Your machines are displayed on our website and publicized throughout our customer and partner network in France and abroad. 



When you display your machines on the NMI website :

  • You make them visible to our numerous customers, including laboratories both in France and abroad.

Thanks to our partnership with the engineering company PACOSPHARM, NMI is also a valuable ally when you want to sell your equipment :  

  • We offer the future buyer the possibility to adapt it to their specific needs and to obtain a customized machines. 



It's a win-win situation for the buyer, for NMI and for you ! 


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