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The company

NMI, located in Gravigny (Normandy - France), specializes in primary and secondary packaging and manufacturing processes. 

From a nearly 2400m² site, NMI offers used "PREMIUM" machines.


A sister company of PACOSPHARM, NMI answers the growing demand from customers for quality machines.

Through our technical expertise and our experience in countless laboratories, NMI is committed to enhancing the used machine market. 

Our job is not to sell you a machine, but to meet your needs. 


NMI is not a traditional industrial machinery dealer, but rather a pharmaceutical specialist. Our core business is therefore the purchase and resale of machines designed for this field alone. 

This means you benefit from our in-depth knowledge of these machines, and our Customer Service team is more than capable of assisting you with your search. 

Our true added value lies in our willingness to listen and our ability to answer all your technical questions and understand any problems you may have with products, production rates, etc. 





Our collaboration with PACOSPHARM also means we are able to serve as a local partner if you wish to revamp a machine sold by the company. 



As a result, not only can we supply quality machines, but we can also customize our customers' machines by : 

- bringing them back up to standard,

- changing their automated systems,

- updating their format, 

- completely revamping them, or

- making any other changes in order to adapt the machine to your needs as effectively as possible. 


Video showing the formatting of a machine to a customer's need

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