What is decommissioning?


Transferring a line from one site to another (in another city or even another country) can be complex. Moreover, you might want to take this transfer as an opportunity to perform a complete review of the equipment and improve its performance. 




1 - Review of initial data, price quotation

We carry out initial surveys on the current site : 

- Setting up of the line

- Inventory of the machines

- Description / condition of each machine

- Speed statement, performance

- Spare parts inventory

- Format parts inventory


Together, we analyze your constraints and wishes : 

- Chosen implementation : location, layout of premises

- Considered line modification

- New machines to integrate

- Improving connections between machines

- Necessary reviews

- Fulfillment of new formats


We draft an estimate :

- Report of the initial data

- Validation of the operations to be carried out

- Overall offer for transfer service


2 - Disassembly, Handling & Transport

We prepare the following before disassembly : 

- Photographs of all machine interfaces

- Tracking of all premise defects (floors, partitions, passages)

- Floors are protected before disassembly operations are carried out.


We disassemble : 

- Each disassembled element is marked and numbered before packing

- An inventory of defects is written during the process

- The various elements are protected and packed


We ship, according to our agreements, that is : 

- Directly to the final destination for direct setting-up, without any intermediary work

- On our site (technical room) for : Review - Renovation - Reconstruction - Tests - FAT tests

3 - Review - Repacking - Tests

3 - Review - Repacking - Tests

Review on your site : 

We can provide, directly on your site, a review of each machine, according to your specifications, and the results from the monitoring giving each machine's condition




Repackaging in our technical room : 

We can also perform repackaging operations in our technical room on :

- Casing

- Mechanical parts

- Electricity / Robotics

- Painting / Surface treatment

- Format implementation


During that period, we can also do the following at your request : 

- Integrate new machines into the line

- Carry out modification studies in order to improve the performance 


Tests (validated in the presence of your representatives : 

- Operating tests

- Compliance testing by an authorized body

- Specific tests according to your requirements


4 - Relocation onto the new site

4 - Relocation onto the new site

We prepare the site before reassembly : 

- Inventory before positioning machines

- Tracking of all defects (floors, partitions, passages)

- Floors are protected 


We position the machines : 

- Setting up

- Upgrading

- Alignment

- Fix points alignment

- Machines' connection points (taking into account your vacuum lines)


We plug them in : 

- Connection to electric, pneumatic and vacuum utilities 

- Powering 


We qualify the installation (QI)


We perform operational tests : 

- Inventory before and after assembly

- Unloading report

- QI qualification report

- Test reports


5 - Validation & Setting up

5 - Validation & Setting up

We put the line into production

- Tests are performed according to the procedures specified at the time of the order

- We gradually increase the production speed until the required speed is reached

- Maintaining the promised speed is checked, as is the desired quality (also specified at the beginning of the project)


We validate the installation based on the specifications 

- By checking how it operates : OQ phase (Operational Qualification)

- By checking performance : PQ phase (Performance Qualification)


And from this phase : 

- OQ and PQ qualification reports

- Customer reception report

6 - Staff training and Maintenance

We carry out training in operating the machine : 

- We carry out the operators' and maintenance employees' training

- We give them the procedures we have previously identified as necessary


We provide regular technical assistance during the first year of operation, then...


We offer an annual support maintenance contract : 

- Suited to your needs

- According to your internal organization


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